Re: Heavy Ten Gib for Cross Slide

glenn brooks <brooks.glenn@...>

Contact Ted.   (Latheman2@...)

He will likely have the parts you need.

Glenn B.

On Jan 15, 2021, at 11:15 PM, kmetzloff@... wrote:

Hello all.  I just inherited a south bend heavy ten lathe with turret and lots of other goodies except that it is missing the cross slide tapered Gibb.
serial number is 2507RKX9 think its around a 1949 or so?
Its a ton of messing around to make one so:
1. I would gladly buy one if anyone had one for sale new or used.
2. If someone would give me a print with dimensions on it that would make my day!
3. If someone would take pity on me and measure their cross slide gib accurately you would be my hero!
4. I will have to try to measure the carriage to find the dimensions and 3d print many copies of them to get an idea what the dimensions might be.
5. I will have to make one with all of the associated jigs and fixtures etc.

Please help I know its just under 7 inches and has a notch for the gib screw.
Please email at kmetzloff@... if you can help also post as others might want to know also.  
Ill post pics if I have to make one.

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