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Bill in OKC too

Depends on what you mean by "tuning up." If you're trying to get a lathe running that has been out of service for some time, the books from Illion Press are great. I've got a Heavy 10L, vintage 1941, and the book for it (with a kit of replacement wicks for the oiling system) is under $90, depending on where you get it. Ebay has a better price, Amazon maybe ships a little quicker.

Search on the model you have, and they probably have the book, which I found invaluable! Mine isn't completely restored, but I've not broken anything following their instructions, either. ;)

Bill in OKC

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Happy holidays all,

What is the best book/video on tuning up my lathe?

Does anyone know the best for tuning up my bridgeport?

Take care,

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