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Davis Johnson

I wish I still had the paper.

The segmented bearing (and the segments are important) is a highly effective bearing design. Something about eddy current circulation in the oil film.

The bottom line is that they work well and last long when when well lubricated.

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Thanks for the discussion of "iron bearings". Although, is have no experience with orĀ  ever seen air bearings in a way they seem in some ways an extension of the iron bearings with friction further reduced from the thin spindle oil and drag of babbitt or roller bearings.

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I think you'll find that rolling element bearings, shaft loadings & speeds due to superior tool materials, and analytical methods have come on a bit since 1956...


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Was the simple use of headstock iron by South Bend on there entry level lathes such as the workshop lathes simply a cost cutting measure.
According to South Bend's own literature, it definitely wasn't a cost-cutting measure: There is prevalent much misunderstanding and misinformation relative to the respective merits of so-called anti-friction bearings. Certainly they are unequalled for certain applications where low cost or low starting torque are of greater importance than precision and durability. However, it has been our experience that for the spindles of precision lathes such as we manufacture, properly designed and fitted plain bearings are superior, and even though more costly than other types of bearings, their performance justifies the added expense. The principle advantages of the plain bearing are that it provides better support for the spindle, permits using a larger spindle diameter, eliminates the possibility of chatter marks in the work due to vibration set up by the balls or rollers, runs more smoothly and quietly, wears longer, and is adjustable. (From the 1956 50th anniversary catalog.) ~~

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