Re: Will a 9-A leadscrew work for a 9-C to 9-B conversion (no quickchange)?

Stuart,  check out McMaster Carr, they sell Acme thread stock.  They handle different sizes, as well as both left and right hand thread. Hopes this

On Friday, December 18, 2020, 10:17:21 AM EST, Stuart Wilby via <stuartawilby@...> wrote:

I have used a lead screw off a 36 inch SB 9B which w
became available, it was too short for the 42 inch bed, so I made a steel extension pinned it with taper pins in 2 places, extended the slot on the Miller to accommodate the traverse section of the apron, I haven’t made the thread yet and probably won’t bother seeing as most the work is done near the chuck, but there’s enough threade lead screw to do most jobs, bingo, I looked for a 42inch lead screw for a SB 9B, still looking, but not desperate now.

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