Re: Getting my SB 9C working

Stuart Wilby

Loosen the bearing cap bolts, loosen the spindle end float nut 1/4 turn anti-clockwise  ( screwdriver) , neutralise the tumbler until they spin freely, drop the back gears out, if it doesn’t turn, there could be a lube spring hitting the spindle underneath if the felt has worn away, this spring could be trapping the spindle if it has deformed so it is here you need to progress with caution, try to ease the spindle in the reverse direction in vary small increments, this will hopefully  throw the trapped end of the spring out from between the bearing and the shaft.
be bold, do not use a hammer at any time, I take my spindles out regularly, this is where you will gain valuable information and knowledge of how the guys at SB designed and built these amazing machines, don’t panic the solution will come with patience.

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