Re: Lathe horizontal drive motor and pulleys

john kling

I have a 415 (converted to an A). On this machine and many of the early ones, there is but a single pulley (i.e. oneĀ  step or speed) between the motor and counter shaft so the benefit from easier shifting does not exist.

On Friday, December 11, 2020, 12:38:03 AM EST, Milan Trcka <milan.v.trcka@...> wrote:

I confirm (on my 9A) that the flat countershaft pulley makes changing speeds much easier (almost pleasant). I also find that the V belt needs to be quite accurate and straight otherwise it wanders side to side and tends to rub on one side. This happens especially when the belt is cold. I had to "file" the belt sides to straighten its tracking. Countershaft alignment is also important.

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