Re: Lathe horizontal drive motor and pulleys

john kling

The manufacture's decision to have a v belt run (on one side) on a large flat  pulley is counter intuitive. Several other manufactures also used this set up. When i noticed that a new to me SB had this set up. I assumed it was a previous owners set up/ mistake. Perhaps a large v pulley  was expansion or increases friction from the side of the belt.

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Now if I could only find one of those flat countershaft pulleys, I'd be in like Flynn.
Erik A

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Here are the South Bend Forms for the belts and pulleys, and the horizontal and underdrive for 9" and 10K lathes. Also the speed chard from my HTRAL.

Note that while the motor pulleys are V-pulleys, the countershaft is flat. The V-Belt runs on it perfectly.


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