Re: 9inch c to a conversion

john kling

As I recall might  be a  difference and some filing was required to allow the gear on the different cross feed screw to mesh with that in the apron.

On Friday, October 16, 2020, 9:07:26 PM EDT, Patrick Murphy via <p.murphy22@...> wrote:

Hi  all i am in need of some info. Does anyone know if the saddle on the A and C are the  same. I am converting C to an A and am at the assembly stage and the aprin  is rubbing on the bottom .edge  of the bed its just barely rubbing on the tin cover of the worm. The lathe is a 1936 vintage and is in mint condition so I thought I would convert it to an A. I bought the parts on Ebay and was lucky that all I bought   were in very good shape. I am wondering if the bed castings on earlier lathes were a little wider at the bottom, if that is the problem I can trim the casting but I want to make sure there is no problem with the carriage and aprin


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