Re: 408-Y

Roger Bickers

Bob, are those gears the same size as the old 9s at the same time in both diameter and pitch? Roger

On Sun, Oct 4, 2020 at 8:58 PM, bob11x via
<bob11x@...> wrote:
Going thru my barn and I found a 408-Y that I had bought a number of years ago.  It has the cast iron bearings and the spindle was scored.  I had disassembled it to have it bored and bronze bushings installed but it fell off the to do list.  The bed was in fair condition, it now has some rust. 
Has a bunch of stuff with it - including the rear drive, chuck, drill chuck (direct mount to spindle), I believe a full set of change gears, motor, and cross slide.
I am in upstate NY near Rochester.
Any interest? 
And of course- any estimate as to value?
Thank you.

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