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John Dammeyer

I'd suggest you clean it up and add a spindle sensor and X/Z drives and use LinuxCNC or MACH to automate it.  You can still do manual operations with a CNC controller.  If you don't want full automation then something like my Electronic Lead Screw will replace the gears. 


I have my South Bend  Heavy 10LTumbler in neutral and the single lever gear box not engaged.  A single pulse per rev sensor on the spindle and a 2:1 belt drive from the 300 oz-in stepper motor to the lead screw.  Also a 1 HP VFD on the spindle with just manual knob for speed control. 


Because my South Bend has a taper attachment I never bothered adding the cross slide for fully automatic turning and tapering.  And I haven't engaged the gears in over 5 years.  But again it depends on what you want to do with the lathe when you are done.


For example:

To create a new internal tapered pulley for my mill I first made a keyed arbor between centers.


On that I turned a tapered hub with a 1.5mm thread that matched the clamping nut on the mill.  Metric thread on a 1942 imperial lathe.


Terribly porous casting.  Comes from only doing it once a year.  But the pulley blank fits perfectly on the arbor.


Tool just clears the pulley blank for turning.


Both spindle pulleys done without gears on the lathe.


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Just bought my first South Bend lathe. It is marked South Bend Workshop Precision 9” with a 3’ bed. I am told it is a 405, manufactured in 1935. Unfortunately it is missing the reversing stud and gear, as will as most of the change gears. The only gears included are marked Turning Gear 1-5 and Compound Gear 105. I am also missing the reversing stud and gear. I would like to find these parts, without buying the wrong stuff through trial and error. Anyone have these parts for sale?

I was thinking that maybe the gears could be 3D printed as a last resort, but the patterns on Thingiverse are for the later 9” model. I don’t have a 3D printer anyway, but maybe could have them made if someone has done the work already. 

In any case, thanks for having me, it is great that this resource exists.

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