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I used to have a 405. 
first thing to know is that the gearing is 20 DP. Later workshops, 415 and on are 18 DP (except for the 415 twin gears, which you the 405 does not have). 
When I got my 405, it also did not have any gears except for the turning set up. 
Attached is a picture of the stub gear you are looking for. I dont believe Its mine. I dont remember ever having one. 
I did change my headstock over to a later side oiler one. Your oilers are not the same. In the top of the journals are small slices of felt. You should ASAP, remove the spindle and clean and replace those. 
Felt is available from McMaster-Carr. The rebuild kit is not for the 405. 
Now 22 DP gears are available for Boston gear. A I remember the bore and width are good. but the keyway, if needed is different. 

Look for the 20 DP gears. These are only sold through distributers. 
Some of the UK lathes use the same gears, If memory serves me, The Boxford  did. 
A quick search using “Boxford Lathe Change Gears” got me here. 

Good luck with your “New” old lathe

I have Included a link to Boston gear and the gearing arrangement chart from SB. 
I was lucky enough to get mine off eBay, but it took 5 years of looking. 

REMEMBER  20 DP not 18 DP. 

On Sep 21, 2020, at 10:22 AM, Kit Maira <kit.maira@...> wrote:

Just bought my first South Bend lathe. It is marked South Bend Workshop Precision 9” with a 3’ bed. I am told it is a 405, manufactured in 1935. Unfortunately it is missing the reversing stud and gear, as will as most of the change gears. The only gears included are marked Turning Gear 1-5 and Compound Gear 105. I am also missing the reversing stud and gear. I would like to find these parts, without buying the wrong stuff through trial and error. Anyone have these parts for sale?

I was thinking that maybe the gears could be 3D printed as a last resort, but the patterns on Thingiverse are for the later 9” model. I don’t have a 3D printer anyway, but maybe could have them made if someone has done the work already. 

In any case, thanks for having me, it is great that this resource exists.<B387A2DC-BB69-4873-A5D6-827BA8F5D21B.jpeg><32D772CD-48D7-402D-8001-789CF6C8B5C9.jpeg><E51401E1-7848-4EE3-A5B9-9FC3896C798B.jpeg><C472D207-DCBD-4D38-B66E-9FF81249076C.jpeg><1702AD4A-F4E6-47F7-871C-B5A63FDD1BCE.jpeg><ECBE2B29-8649-413C-BCD9-ACE7E0B1C2A8.jpeg><FA3AEA94-E059-4983-9AE1-B94497800F44.jpeg>

Jim B.

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