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There is some interesting history being posted in this thread. To summarize some of it - It was a short production period for this higher priced model, due to the economic times of the 1930's. The N was a high precision "tool room" class lathe with a heavy headstock construction and wide ways, among other features, that increased the cost to produce. Also, the double tumbler feature came along in subsequent models. Some of the controls are rather unique as well. Also, the apron design. I am enjoying the contributions from many on this topic.


On 7/25/2020 7:49 PM, mike allen wrote:
yea , I'm interested in learnin what the difference is between a type N & the other lathes

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On 7/25/2020 7:57 AM, m. allan noah wrote:
I've never used a Series N power feeds- how is it that the leadscrew
reverse tumbler direction controls facing vs turning?


On Sat, Jul 25, 2020 at 10:52 AM david_g4000 via
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That was the problem I was having too. Glad it is helpful Dan. If you see any updates needed, please let me know.

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What a great resource. I use my 16�� Type N South Bend just often enough to forget how to switch between turning and threading. Your documents will fill a sacred spot on the wall beside my lathe. Thank you for posting the instructions.

Dan Beeker

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