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We used to have a member, Dennis Turk, who was a wealth of information on S B history. Here is some wisdom from him.

You can find an “N” catalog on Steve Wells site.

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Jim B,

On Jul 25, 2020, at 7:50 PM, mike allen <animal@...> wrote:

 yea , I'm interested in learnin what the difference is between a type N & the other lathes


On 7/25/2020 7:57 AM, m. allan noah wrote:
I've never used a Series N power feeds- how is it that the leadscrew
reverse tumbler direction controls facing vs turning?


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That was the problem I was having too. Glad it is helpful Dan. If you see any updates needed, please let me know.

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What a great resource. I use my 16” Type N South Bend just often enough to forget how to switch between turning and threading. Your documents will fill a sacred spot on the wall beside my lathe. Thank you for posting the instructions.

Dan Beeker

Indiana University - retired

Jim B

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