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Yes I was planning on a new folder for N-Series Lathe Information. 

Jim B,

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Thank you for explaining that. I was confused and figured it was just my lack of knowledge on uploading. But, that makes sense that it is limited to moderators for sure.

Please find the attached for including in the files. I am sending in PDF formation. If I might suggest, perhaps the file folder should indicate that it is Model N information. There are other items I could send in the future for a more complete library on this unusual model.

Thanks very much again for your help,


On 7/24/2020 3:27 PM, Jim_B wrote:
Posting in the files section is limited to the moderators. 
We would welcome your information however. 
It is best to use PDF format
Just email it to me and I will convert it to PDF and post it. 
Thank you

Jim B,

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If there are other Model "N" owners on this site, I would like to offer some pictorials I have put together regarding controls and settings. My model N is a 1931 13" with the push/pull apron control that i have had for about 5 years. Typical sources like "How To Run A Lathe" do not specifically address the rather unique controls on this model in much detail, so I had to learn mainly by using it and making notes, and then transferring them into a M/S Word Document. I have developed two documents, one is for turning and the other is for threading. If there is any interest from other Model N owners, please let me know. I am also hoping that others might critique the information and I could improve them. I am also interested in sharing general information about this rather rare/limited model with other owners. If I can figure out how to do it, I will upload my documents to a file on this site. Otherwise, I would be happy to send via email. Thanks for any comments.

Jim B

Jim B

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