Re: reverse tumbler gears

ken campbell

on my 13 incher,  i use black chain oil on my gears and gear shafts ... it sticks ...and contains moly, for extra lube.  the moly embeds in the metal and is not a bad dry lube all by itself.  i even spray the quick change gears from under the box.

do not use it in the wick lubers though ... it is more a grease than light oil and won't wick.  i use mobil products for the wicks.

i take my spindle out about once a year and inspect the bearings ... i work some moly into the spindle bearings before i replace the spindle ... 18 years so far and the bearings look like new.

oh, the bad news .. this black stuff is dirty and persistent .... and stains everything.  remove it from your hands with soap and water .

oh, adjust the backlash by running a piece of copy paper between the gears as you tighten them ... you get about 2 to 3 thousandth clearance.  better slightly too much than no clearance.

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