Re: Increasing the speed on Southbend 10-16” Models. Late 1930s-late 1940s.


The windings in pre 92 motors are not rated to take the induced voltages, like 2Kv,  from the high rise-time pulses from a VFD. The speed of the motor will be the same at 60Hz as other replies have correctly pointed put,  but the pulses may cause your motors winding insulation to fail.  I am sure you can rewire your motor down from 460 to 230V and this will help in this regards as well as lower the cost of your VFD.  There should be wiring indicator on motor faceplate.
Also, sizing a VFD is complex due to "locked rotor current", or current at start up. In the first msec of start up your motor may dray 20x its faceplate max current and IGBTs in your inverter don't like these spikes. Good VFDs can withstand these spikes better than others. They are all made in China, even Hitachi and Allen Bradley, but brands matter. TECO is a good compromise.

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