Re: 9A lever collet closer - spindle pin

At last someone has asked the fundamental question below.  Why would you need to use a collet for holding a milling cutter?  I don't mill on the railway's 14.5" S/B because there is a proper milling machine there, but I do on my Myford ML7 at home, and that is perfectly happy with milling cutters in the 3 jaw chuck.  Happy enough to allow me to damage quite large cutters through carelessness without them shifting in the chuck.

Incidentally, the protrusion of the collet holder shown in the photos looks very similar to that on our lathe. 

A proper milling collet system is quite a lot different from a lathe collet system, and so far as I know, invariably has screw thread tightening with a spanner of some sort in order to tighten the collet onto the cutter.


On Wednesday, 1 July 2020, 20:10:53 BST, Louis via <l_schoolkate@...> wrote:

I have a similar closer for my Heavy 10 and where you have the pin, I have a key and keyway to allow the closer to slide off. My closer uses 5C collets with a front adapter.

Although I would be comfortable using my setup for milling, I would be very careful and take very light cuts. I agree with Steven. Milling generates a lot of pressure and vibration. 

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