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Bill in OKC too

That collet closer seems to be sticking too far out the back of the spindle. There should be a nosepiece that the collet goes into the screws on the front of the spindle,  like in the 4th photo here:   and the manual here for the 1216 shows no gap at the back of the spindle: chrome-extension://ohfgljdgelakfkefopgklcohadegdpjf/

It may not the the correct one for your lathe. Which would suck. I am not sure where the nosepieces are for my 10L, or I'd post a photo of them, but they look much like the one in the pdf, and fit in the spindle. pretty close, IIRC. 


Bill in OKC

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picture is too small to see anything in it. 

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My 9A came with a collet closer, I believe it’s the factory unit not aftermarket. I think it’s complete based on what literature I can find which does not include any specific instructions for this item. When milking using the SB milling adapter the mill repeatedly comes loose in the collet even with the collet cleaned out.
Looking into it closer I found that on the far left end of the spindle there is a 1/4” hole through one wall which had a sheared-off pin in it. I punched out the remains of the pin. Seeing the empty slot in the right side of the collet closer assembly that seems to do nothing I made a pin 1/4” OD to fit the spindle hole then 3/16” to fit the slot in the closer. This pin is shown with the red pointer in the photo. The fit in the slot is pretty tight. Adding the pin doesn’t seem to make any difference to the collet’s ability to hold the mill.
Do any of you know if I have this assembled correctly with all parts?
Should I have made that pin? Is it supposed to exist in this assembly? Some 9A’s don’t seep to even have the 1/4” hole.
does anyone have an actual install/operation sheet for this assembly?
Thanks in advance for your help!

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