Re: 9A lever collet closer - spindle pin

Bill in OKC too

I haven't bought anything from him, but he answers emails promptly. I asked if it was possible to get one of his mill heads with an R8 spindle. He said yes, and quoted a price, which I don't remember, and IIRC about 3 weeks to make it. Most of the stuff he sells is made on demand.  Shortly after I found a HF mini-mill for $350, and got that, but may still get a vertical head for my Atlas MF one of these days. 

Bill in oKC

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There is a guy online who sells Atlas and South Bend parts, some new reproductions. He has a 3c collet getup that is priced competitively with eBay and is brand new in manufacture. He also has an Atlas Mill reproduction vise, at relatively reasonable prices. Here is his landing page, just dig around.

For those who have an Atlas mill, this guy makes a vertical milling attachment that is a copy of the original Atlas. I liked it and it looked to be decent quality. I no longer have an Atlas mill, but that head is supposedly adaptable to multiple models of horizontal mills from the 40s to the 60s and maybe more. 

I think I bought some small parts from him and he shipped promptly. 

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Can’t help you with the collet closer. Will it hold round stock so you can turn the stock without the material moving in the collet? Milling creates lots of forces that perhaps your collet closer just can’t contend with trying to grip an end mill shank. You might want to try a Morse Taper shank end mill holder, drawbar, and a Weldon shank end mill. The Weldon shank end mill will have a flat on the shank that gets locked down by the set screw in the end mill holder. The drawbar can be as simple as a length of all thread, a flat washer and hex nut. sells MT shank end mill holders with drawbar shanks (tapped hole in the taper shank end of the holder). Good luck.

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