Bull Gear plunger on Heavy 10

Art Port

   This is part 2 of an introductory note with a question. I am rebuilding a heavy 10 and find that in a previous move the plunger fell out of the bull gear and took a walk for itself. The whole spindle is currently apart and I'd like to get it back together forthwith. Can I insert a plunger into the receiver after the lathe is reassembled (and I fabricate one) - will it just sneak in through the spring retainer and stay - or will I have to make one before I put the bull gear and pulley system back together on the spindle? That would NOT be fun, in my book.
Art Port, who's been lurking here for over 20 yrs without a question to ask or advice to offer. Perhaps after this deep dive into my SB, I'll have the experience and hubris to jump in somewhere!

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