Re: Twin gear box


Check the lubrication between the cone pulley shaft and the spindle. 
In back gear these use the spindle as a bearing. There is not a lot of clearance here. 
If you are using the teflon grease, you should take the pulleys off and lubricate the Id manually and the OD of the spindle manually. Do not rely on sticking some grease into the grease/oil hole. 
With grease this should be done yearly. 
I prefer to use oil for this reason. 

On Jun 7, 2020, at 11:32 AM, bill Tabor <saddlesore07@...> wrote:

I don't no the previous history for sure. When I bought the lathe I had gone through and cleaned inside and out. Over time e and f would act as if I was winding band up.In theses speeds start out fine run for awhile start to slow down and bind, by reversing would like unwind the could go back in thread in forward speeds again.  I did not Mike the bearing or the shafts they didn't feel worn but did replace both rooler bearings in left and right tumblers.

Jim B

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