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Except some versions I posted date to the late 50’s. 

Jim B,

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Regarding copyright of HTRAL: I am not a lawyer, but I will put in my two cents anyway. 

Reading a history of South Bend found at it says the the authors of HTRAL are John J. O’Brien and Miles W. O’Brien, two identical twin brothers. According to the history, Miles died in 1936. John died in 1946. 

Now, reading a Wikipedia article entitled “Copyright law of the United States”, the article reads “Copyright protection generally lasts for 70 years after the death of the author”. 

1946 + 70 = 2016, so presumably HTRAL would now be in the ‘public domain’ and no longer under copyright protection.

I have numerous hard copies of HTRAL, so I don’t need any electronic pdf files of same.

Steve Haskell

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HTRAL is in the files section. 
Actually it  very early copy. I have several later ones, SB tended to revise this paper frequently,  but have been reticent to post them due to copyright issues. However perhaps the time has come to do so. 

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Since this is a South Bend lathe group, I am assuming that this may help - Although differing in details, principles hold no matter what lathe you may be interested in:

Google query "how to run a lathe" is an excellent start.


Jim B.

Jim B

Jim B

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