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I am using automotive serpentine belts, cut to length and then laced or joined with belt clipper clips.
It gives extremely good grip if pulleys are oil free
the Laced belt is on my 10K And the clipped belt on my 9A.
I laced the belt with a nylon braided twine about 1/32” dia. Lacing is done at the bottom of the groove and is virtually perfectly quiet.  The clipped belt is a little bit more noisy.
I used nylon braided twine about 1/32” dia for lacing. On the pulley side, lacing goes at the bottom of the groove.
lathe has been running like this for about 4 years.  

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Date: Wed, 13 May 2020 08:42:13 -0700

On our 10k at the RR museum, I replaced the drive belt off the motor with an industrial grade V belt from Napa.  The headstock belt is an automotive serpentine belt. 6 groove, maybe.  The serpentine belts work really well. Heavy duty v belts also. Sometimes these are called agriculture belts as they are used as replacements on farm equipment.  Green in color.

Glenn B.


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Hi. What are people using for belts on 10K undermount?



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