Re: cam tailstock lock modifications for SB13

Davis Johnson

He is partially correct. There are two questions:

1) Can it be made to work? He has answered this perfectly. The thread merely needs to be coarse enough to tighten/loosen adequately given the available wrench motion.

2) What is the thickness shim required to make it work? This IS determined by the pitch of the screw. It may well be that sane way to find the shim thickness is by trial and error. Probably so. But the thickness that trial and error finds will have been mandated by the thread pitch and the range of tightness without the shim.

We must be bored out of our skulls today.

On 5/11/20 5:23 PM, wlw19958 wrote:
Hi There,

Actually, Jim is proving my point!  Yes, the thread pitch has to be
course enough but whether it is 16tpi, 14tpi, 12tpi doesn't matter.

Good Luck!
-Blue Chips-

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