Re: 9" motor start switch


The motor is a generic sleeve bearing open frame internal fan blades on the rotor type. Yeah as it's all enclosed in the framework it could benefit from a TEFC motor. But that would have been a lot more spendy for the manufacturer to incorporate. Spindle cups don't lose much oil over x months, maybe 10-20 drops.
*I tend to over oil as I have the oil is cheaper than parts mentality. I'll slow down on applying it to the top end thrust bearing etc. I'll fiddle with it a bit today (crappy rainy day and covid bored) cleaning up oil coated surfaces and probably stuff the open area where the headstock bolts to the bed with wads of paper towel.

What drips down seems to be whipped into a fine mist by the belt and large pulley which the motor ithen ngests. There are fairly large oil cups for the pulley layshaft that feed those babbit bearings. Of course anything you put in these will pee out the bearings and run down the support frame towards the motor. I've had it for 30 years and it took this long to become a problem so at some point I'll get bored with trying to solve it and just run the thing.

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