Re: 9" motor start switch


It's back together and running fine pending the new start cap. As the failure to this motor was from oil I went on a search for the source.  Those of us with a top mounted motor can stop reading now. The feed reverse assembly fits in a stepped bore that is open to the inside of the headstock. Oil from that goes through the bore and straight down onto the undermount motor. The motor fan passes the oil droplets around internally and gunked up the start switch.

To fix this issue I turned a hard rubber plug (hockey puck) to 1.060 and about 1/2" thick with a bevel on one end. Push this press fit plug into the bore with a wood dowel and hammer it into the smaller diameter 1" area of the bore until it provides enough clearance for the reverse shaft to not hit it. This will seal the hole off and any escaping oil will come out the gear end of the headstock.

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