Re: 1945 SB 16/24 USVA Lathe

Steven H

I’d be interested in any tricks to get the compound locking pins to release also. Can’t get my compound off my 16” SB either.

Steve Haskell

On Apr 28, 2020, at 11:05 AM, Matt R <mrissmiller@...> wrote:

Will try to get power to it by next week to see if it runs. Still looking it over to see what needs attention prior to running it. Is there a good source for gears? One  of the gears. A 20 tooth if I recall is badly worn and will likely break of put under any serious load. Also what is the easiest way to get tge lockong pins out from inside the compound and riser blocks? I ttied rockong it around with the keepers out but thr pins wrll not loosen up and come out.

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