Re: 1945 SB 16/24 USVA Lathe

Steven H

Thanks for the photo. I’d say the four holes are for lagging the foot to the floor, but, one could use shims under the foot. As massive as the bed is on a 16” SB (I have one, but mine has two legs on the TS end) you would think bed would not need to be twisted in order to level. I guess try leveling your lathe at the headstock end by using shims. My 16” has two screws, one in front side and one in rear side, of the short pedestal on the tailstock end between the bottom of the bed and the top of the chip tray. These are used to level the tailstock end by twisting the bed slightly. I have never taken it apart, so I don’t know what the adjusting mechanism is. Otherwise, make some cuts on a cylinder and see if the lathe cuts straight. Good luck. 

Steve Haskell

On Apr 25, 2020, at 10:18 AM, Jason Rife via <rifejason@...> wrote:

Hello Steve, here is a clear photo of the foot. Their is 4 holes for leveling the tail stock. There is no other ways to level these lathes. The 1945 16/24 lathe is also listed on MPLS Craigslist. =

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