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Bill in OKC too

Actually, having that information can help you find the proper parts and tell you how your lathe was originally equipped. I'm a cheap SOB, and it was the first thing I bought after getting my 1941 Heavy 10 home. The next was a 5-gallon bucket of EvapoRust. Naturally, YMMV. ;)

Bill in OKC

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I contemplated buying that serial number card information for my lathe, but after seeing one of the cards, I decided that 25 bucks will buy me something more important, like beer or a hot dog. I did not find that information to be of any use other than trivia. 

Of course, your mileage may vary and if that kind of information provides you joy, then, by all means, order the card. 

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John,  one interesting thing you can do is email or call Grizzly tools and purchase the original purchase card for your lathe.  They will send you a PDF of the card, showing date manufactured and delivered, also who it was purchased by.  Cost is $25.

Grizzly operates a separate business name of South Bend Lathes or similar. They responded to my request for a card in February in one day.


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You are in luck, John.

We have a plethora of manuals in the files section and many of us have SB 9a lathes. 

Check out the files section and if you don't find the stuff there, start asking questions. With everybody locked up in the house because of the virus, you should get answers pretty darn fast. 

Welcome aboard 

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My first post was just sent I have never posted on any groups before that post was sent as a poll it may not have been the correct procedure if so excuse me.
Good day to you all, this is my first post since joining the group. The reason I joined the group is because I’m not having very good success at finding information on the particular lathe I have.

My South Bend lathe is a, Horizontal Model 9A 16 speed with v-belt drive, probably 1950’s vintage, I purchased a Full Rebuild Package from eBay/ By ILION Industrial Services which contained a Manual, Felts, Oil, and Grease for the 9” lathe.

The manual does not reference anything later than 1940’s models, primarily the V-Belt drive system.

Does anyone know where I can find information on this lathe? Catalog No. CL 744 A, S/N 49636 NAR 10.


John Hammonds

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