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I believe you have everything you need in that book

V belt pulley is an option for the standard SB lathes. It has more drive power than the original flat belt
It is exactly the same procedure in order to rebuild the machine. The only difference is the belt pulleys. Every other parts are identical

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My first post was just sent I have never posted on any groups before that post was sent as a poll it may not have been the correct procedure if so excuse me.
Good day to you all, this is my first post since joining the group. The reason I joined the group is because I’m not having very good success at finding information on the particular lathe I have.

My South Bend lathe is a, Horizontal Model 9A 16 speed with v-belt drive, probably 1950’s vintage, I purchased a Full Rebuild Package from eBay/ By ILION Industrial Services which contained a Manual, Felts, Oil, and Grease for the 9” lathe.

The manual does not reference anything later than 1940’s models, primarily the V-Belt drive system.

Does anyone know where I can find information on this lathe? Catalog No. CL 744 A, S/N 49636 NAR 10.


John Hammonds


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