Re: 1949 SB 16/24 USAF Lathe


When you say "a foot" does this mean as near as dammit a single point contact with the floor, or is it a wide foot with a pair of holding down holes?  And how much twist are you trying to get out?  Is it uniform twist along the whole length, or just local to the end near the chuck

If the plan view of your floor holding down holes is a triangle, you can't use them to correct twist.  If the plan view is a rectangle with a hole at each corner, you can.

Let us know the arrangement and we can proceed from there.


On Friday, 24 April 2020, 19:50:52 BST, Matt R <mrissmiller@...> wrote:

My 16/24 has a foot on the tailstock end. How do I go about leveling and getting the twist out of the bed? Can I just do all levelling at the headstock end? Currently it is sitting on rubber pad (hockey pucks). 1 under each of the 2 bolt bosses on the headstock end and 3 under the foot at the tailstock end.

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