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Your lathe is designated as such: 

CL = threaded spindle nose
no single digit after CL means it is a workshop lathe, not a toolroom lathe
744 = 9" Model A, 16-Speed, V-belt bench lathe, Horizontal Motor Drive (HMD) with full quick change gear mechanism
NAR meaning:
N = 9 inch
A = quick change gear
R = regular spindle hole, standard swing
1947 to 1968 production window
10 = model number (factory designation) that gets changed with model improvements. 

CE3455 = the parts list catalog for models A, B, and C

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Try,, and

Steve Haskell

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Good day to you all, this is my first post since joining the group. The reason I joined the group is because I’m not having very good success at finding information on the particular lathe I have.

My South Bend lathe is a, Horizontal Model 9A 16 speed with v-belt drive, probably 1950’s vintage, I purchased a Full Rebuild Package from eBay/ By ILION Industrial Services which contained a Manual, Felts, Oil, and Grease for the 9” lathe.

The manual does not reference anything later than 1940’s models, primarily the V-Belt drive system.

Does anyone know where I can find information on this lathe? Catalog No. CL 744 A, S/N 49636 NAR 10.


John Hammonds

1. Don't Know
2. If I knew the answer I would not ask a question

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