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glenn brooks

Any idea why they saw a reduced failure rate? In other words, what effect did not cleaning them out have on motor life?

We have 4 traction motor locos running at present. I’d like to pass on the info.


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A brief paragraph in Railway Age Magazine (Industry trade publication) in the mid 1960's mentioned that the Pennsylvania Railroad shops had stopped blowing out locomotive traction motors with compressed air during routine maintenance and had reduced the motor failure rate 50%.

Steve Bartlett

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From: Nitro
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2020 06:51:07 EDT

I both oil mine and do frequent teardowns.
They spit a little oil when running, but like I say about a motorcycle chain, if it ain't painting a stripe up your back when riding the bike, you ain't oiling it enough.
I use compressed air is for filling tires on my bikes, not cleaning machinery ;)

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