Re: 10L Clutch problem

glenn brooks

Are you talking about engaging/disengaging  the back gear to move from hi speeds to low speeds?

If so, perhaps the pin or shaft is simply jammed up with dried oil.  Very common occurrence.  Try spraying/soaking the pin and gear assembly with some diesel , penetrating oil, or even WD 40.  Work it a bit, soak some more, see what happens after the gunk drains out.


On Apr 18, 2020, at 10:25 AM, Michael R via <reflexermr@...> wrote:

The clutch on my 10L is locked in the engaged position. The clutch shaft doesn't move either in or out when the handle is either engaged or disengaged.
How much movement the shaft should have from one to the other position when it's working properly?

I wanted to exhaust any 'simple' fixes before more drastic steps were taken. I hoped it was an adjustment issue but any adjustments I made didn't help.
So far what I've found on the forum hasn't addressed this particular issue.

I thought I'd put it out in the forum for ideas of what to look for and possible causes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks,

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