Re: Will a 9-A leadscrew work for a 9-C to

Mark Moulding

I don't think this lathe has been tinkered with at all - it has all of the original wrenches, change gears, face plate, centers, and even the book.  And anyway, the one thing that couldn't possibly have been changed out is the bed itself, since as Davis points out that's where the serial number is.  I'm just quite surprised to find that it doesn't match the serial number data card (and also that my dad would have sprung for the additional $12 to get the longer bed - he didn't have much money at the time).

So I guess I'm in the market for a leadscrew for a 3-1/2' bed model 9B - I hope that doesn't turn out to be a hen's tooth.  Since it would be a learning experience, I'm not quite confident enough to potentially destroy my only lead screw by attempting to modify it, when I don't have another available as a backup.  I'll keep my eBay search active...

Mark Moulding
South Bend 9" Model C, Walker Turner drill press, Rong Fu table-top mill, "Mini" lathe, a whole bunch of Shopsmith gear

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