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Davis Johnson

Information on tags is subject to being wrong due to parts-swaps over the decade. For example, the catalog number on the quick-change gearbox chart on my 9A is wrong. It is quite likely that somebody swapped the gearbox some time in the last 80 years.

But the serial number is stamped on the bed, and you got the serial number card. It sounds like a clerical error back when it was built.

On 4/6/20 2:12 PM, Thomas Harrold via wrote:

My 9C bed measures about 36.5" (overall bed length)


Maybe your lathe is actually a 3.5' bed, and it's mis-marked?


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Thanks for checking, George.  That makes for a bit of a mystery, though...  I believe this lathe to be completely stock, with all of the original parts it came with (even the "How To Run A Lathe" book), and the serial number card (I ponyed up the $25 to order it from Grizzly) shows it as a 9"x3'.  Considering my Dad's economic situation at the time, I would have expected hi to get the absolute cheapest model available, which this is in every other way (6-speed, model 'C').  So, why does the bed measure 42" (that's overall, end-to-end, from the left side of the headstock to the far right end)?  Are we measuring the same place?

(My lathe is in a storage unit about 3 miles away, so I can't go measure it at the moment.  Getting the length of the lead-screw would be a telling measurement  - I'll try to get over there later today.)

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