Re: Will a 9-A leadscrew work for a 9-C to

Mark Moulding

Thanks for checking, George.  That makes for a bit of a mystery, though...  I believe this lathe to be completely stock, with all of the original parts it came with (even the "How To Run A Lathe" book), and the serial number card (I ponyed up the $25 to order it from Grizzly) shows it as a 9"x3'.  Considering my Dad's economic situation at the time, I would have expected hi to get the absolute cheapest model available, which this is in every other way (6-speed, model 'C').  So, why does the bed measure 42" (that's overall, end-to-end, from the left side of the headstock to the far right end)?  Are we measuring the same place?

(My lathe is in a storage unit about 3 miles away, so I can't go measure it at the moment.  Getting the length of the lead-screw would be a telling measurement  - I'll try to get over there later today.)

Mark Moulding
South Bend 9" Model C, Walker Turner drill press, Rong Fu table-top mill, "Mini" lathe, a whole bunch of Shopsmith gear

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