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A little correction - the switch isolates the ignition & the starter circuit.

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Yes. It was a good little history lesson. It’s nice to know why something was installed which is in common use today



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Ahha!  Nothing to do with a big hammer coming out from under the dashboard, then!


Dangerous business, farming.






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To start an MF35 tractor one has to put the Hi-Lo ratio lever into the neutral position. This then closes a safety switch, allowing the starter solenoid to be energized from the ignition switch.

At a big vehicle show, Henry Ford was showing the public how easy it was to start a Massey-Harris-Ferguson tractor with the crank handle. Unfortunately, he had left the tractor in gear. The engine started immediately and he couldn't get out of the way quick enough, and a wheel went over his foot and broke it. Hence the fitment of the safety switch, 'to make the machine safer'.




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Gissaclue!  Nor familiar with the Furguson range of tractors - what does the high low ratio lever have to do with engine starting and how do you use it to break your foot in a manner that an interlock prevents, please?


During the build period for these, British purchase tax was very high.  Cars were luxury goods, tractors weren't, so tractor spares were cheaper than car spares.  Lots of farmers ran standard Vanguard cars as well as Fergies for parts commonality.




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Hi Phillip,


That machine had a 2.2 litre British Standard Vanguard engine in it - petrol powered.

First owner was a Taranaki (NZ) dairy farmer - I was the 2nd owner.

With the front loader & the mowers I earnt plenty of beers with it!


Also found out the hi-lo ratio lever starting interlock was installed by order of Henry Ford after he broke his foot starting a Massey-Harris-Ferguson at a show!

Useless Information.





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        don't know where ya tractor guy's are , there's a place on Stockton Ca  called Associated Tractor

        I've been using these folks for 30+ years


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Looks like its time to hit the junk yards. Had to do that for a Farmall. I just swapped to whole back half out.


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That is a great looking Super de Lux. Was it a gas burner or diesel?

I hope to have mine looking that good by next spring. It has been sitting untouched in the garage for ten years. I was shooting for this summer until I hit a snag. When I drained the gear box I got about 4 gallons of water, and maybe a gallon of oil. Surprisingly all the bearings and gears in the transmission section are good, but from the hydraulic pump back will have to be replaced along with the ring and pinion gears. Pinion gear is destroyed. The hydraulic pump will have to be rebuilt as well.


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