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Bill in OKC too

None of the links go to Enco because it  was absorbed by MSC several years ago. They go to the MSC website search page instead, not the specific oils. I can't swear to it, but I believe the last time I looked there they had 5 gallon buckets & 55 gallon drums, only. Nearly $100 & $1000, each, respectively. Both would be massive overkill for my shop. 

Another poster gave part numbers for gallon jugs at McMaster-Carr, IIRC, and that is probably as good as you can get from a major suppler. You can find kits of pint or half-pint bottles on eBay, and don't forget to look for a local supplier of petroleum products in your area. Or check with a local shop, they maybe able to refer you. There are more than 40 such distributors in my area, besides Grainger & Fastenal. There should be someone in your area, wherever you are. 


Bill in OKC

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I put this thread together to help those out who are restoring machines and are confused about the oils they need. I’ve included a simple to understand break down and also provided the links to Enco for ease of ordering.

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