Re: Local Alert: Virginia closes public schools through the academic year to fight spread of coronavirus

Davis Johnson

The one before is

The one after is

Their previous/next links are just above the entry title, instead of saying previous or next or something they have the titles of the previous or next entry.

On 3/24/20 9:56 PM, Emily Hawes wrote:

How do you get to them and what are the titles? This is a confusing interface. There are names for contributing authors but no dates on the menu (?) so before and after don't make sense to me. 

On 3/24/2020 4:09 PM, Davis Johnson wrote:

The blog entry before that one and the blog entry after that one are also interesting.

On 3/24/20 1:37 PM, Emily Hawes wrote:

Very cushy. Except when they didn't have a box and just hung over the side or climbed out onto the net rigging out to the side and or front or back. I would have thought the back would have been preferable as if you fell in you would not get immediately run over and skinned at the very least (probably skinned, broken and drowned). I suspect there was more than one way to get the job done. The spelling would seem to lead to the misunderstanding that it was somehow a rag for cleaning one's feet! The one the dude pulled up looked like just the frazzle on the end of the rope (as the tow or however spelled fiber of the rope explanation) versus an actual rag. I'm afraid I'd have wanted individual ropes and rags - the whole ship would probably have a tendency to circle to the side with all the drag!

On 3/24/2020 12:13 PM, Davis Johnson wrote:

Speaking of scurvy:

On 3/24/20 11:40 AM, Emily Hawes wrote:

Or mildew, fungus. I saw that 50s sci fi movie and it wasn't pretty.

On 3/24/2020 8:55 AM, Cecilia Pitas wrote:
I’m too neanderthal for facebook.  Grammy wonders about Leah and Phillip?  And Jamey.  She says to get out in the sun at mid day to avoid scurvy from working in the basement.  

On Mar 24, 2020, at 6:48 AM, Davis Johnson <davis@...> wrote:

So far so good. Meg is making videos for her kids. (See facebook, if you do that sort of thing).

I'm going to work in the basement everyday.

Richard is still going to work everyday, even working overtime, at marydiddle.

Beth is still on the post-surgery restrictive diet for I think another week, otherwise she has been feeling a lot better.

On 3/23/20 5:06 PM, Cecilia Pitas wrote:
yeah, I bet you did!  How are you doing?  No cough, fever other than cabin, etc?

On Mar 23, 2020, at 4:48 PM, Davis Johnson <davis@...> wrote:

Got it from other sources.

On 3/23/20 3:34 PM, Cecilia Pitas wrote:
‘bout time.

On Mar 23, 2020, at 3:32 PM, Emily Hawes <emhawes@...> wrote:

Did you get this? 

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Democracy Dies in Darkness
Local Alert Mar 23, 2:13 PM
Virginia closes public schools through the academic year to fight spread of coronavirus

Gov. Ralph Northam (D) had initially announced a two-week closure to help stop the spread of the coronavirus — although some Northern Virginia districts opted to close for longer — but the governor said Monday that schools will remain shuttered this academic year. The number of coronavirus cases in the state has surged to 254 since the first cases were reported earlier this month.

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