Re: New to me 14.5" and need some help


  Thanks for all the quick replies and info !  I talked to the "guy" that owned it before me and he thinks there may be a box or 2 sitting in his storage unit.  It would be nice If I knew whether it was ordered with hardened ways and/or feed screws. 

  The bushings have the telltale marks from the caps being pulled off before the expander screws were removed, and I can't find the shims, expanders, screws etc !  I'm going to assume he didn't do his reading and just yanked the caps off and tossed the stuff in a bag. 

  I know for sure I will need a new crossfeed nut and might need the screw as well (lathe has a taper attachment, or at least most of it currently) but I don't know since I don't have it. I may need a compound nut and screw also but I haven't checked those yet. the rest I should wait on since he may have it all, but my hope is that I can massage the bushing dovetails back in shape and get the spindle all dialed back in with little issue.

 I have a '47 Logan 820 (10 x 24) toolroom, and a Rockwell 10 x 24 cabinet model. I was looking for a 14" and this one literally fell into my lap.  I've got a minor amount of $ into it and if I need to put $5-800 more, I am still in the black considering the current prices and offerings in that size.  If for some reason I decide not to finish it, I will surely off it up to the group/s

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