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Roger Bickers

I needed some chainsaw bar oil this weekend, and noticed for the first time ever that a particular brand had a weight listing on it..much to my surprise its 10wt.  $12.00 (usd ) wasnt a bad price either compared to some other 10wts I've seen. Roger 

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Spindle oil is specified as SAE10 non detergent oil. This can be found at Canadian tire
for ways oil I am currently using chain saw bar oil that have similar texture as ways oil seen on youtube. I use summer grade

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Where does one buy those in Canada?


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Thank you,


I will give it a shot.




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ISO 68 and ISO 32 are hydraulic oils that are commonly sold at tractor shops. I’ve purchase all 3 oils in low volume from amazon. 

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Hi all,


I hope you are staying well,


While I am at home and enjoying my lathe I am running low on oil, can some one tell me the European equivalent of the oils below?:




  South Bend Lathe "A" type oil, which is Mobile Velocite #10 spindle lubricant. This will be used in the headstock spindle

  South Bend Lathe "B" type oil.  which is Mobil DTE 24 (ISO 32), which will be used in your gearbox.

  South Bend Lathe "C" type oil,  which is Mobil DTE Heavy/Medium (ISO 68), which will be used to lubricate "everything else".
                        (that would be screws, external gears, tailstock, etc.)

  South Bend Way Oil, which is Mobil Vactra #2 Way Oil, which will be used to lubricate the sliding Way surfaces of the lathe,
                        (The ways, compound and cross slide).




Or if there is now better oil than those listed please let me know.


Thank you all in advance,




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