Oil help

Fred Flintstone

Hi all,

I hope you are staying well,

While I am at home and enjoying my lathe I am running low on oil, can some one tell me the European equivalent of the oils below?:

  South Bend Lathe "A" type oil, which is Mobile Velocite #10 spindle lubricant. This will be used in the headstock spindle

  South Bend Lathe "B" type oil.  which is Mobil DTE 24 (ISO 32), which will be used in your gearbox.

  South Bend Lathe "C" type oil,  which is Mobil DTE Heavy/Medium (ISO 68), which will be used to lubricate "everything else".
                        (that would be screws, external gears, tailstock, etc.)

  South Bend Way Oil, which is Mobil Vactra #2 Way Oil, which will be used to lubricate the sliding Way surfaces of the lathe,
                        (The ways, compound and cross slide).

Or if there is now better oil than those listed please let me know.

Thank you all in advance,

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