Re: New to me 14.5" and need some help

mike allen

        go here & wright what parts yer lookin for & this guy will be able to help ya out

        Ted /Latheman he used to work for SouthBend & bought up a bunch of their parts  


On 3/22/2020 6:25 PM, Todd wrote:
I just acquired a 14.5 x 60 and will be needing some help with parts.  See it was bought, disassembled, started to be cleaned/painted and then sat in boxes for a few years.  What I know it's missing is the compound dial, screw and nut. The motor and motor pulley (4 groove), some of the taper attachment, the oil well on the back of the apron.. !! and a few other niceties.  I'm sure I will find a few other misc items of need and I understand these are the rare birds of the S.B. world. Is there anywhere I can find a parts manual to assist in reassembly ?  Also, the serial number is 2265FKL12  if anyone can decipher the date.

  Thanks, Todd

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