Re: stuck chuck

N Jen

You are correct. I have not acted on this. I like to evaluate things first and take sound advice to avoid damage. I am going to take your advice regarding making a barrel wrench for the tail of the spindle.  I am considering using aluminum for the clamping part to avoid scoring the tail.  The clamp in the picture you included looks like it was made from steel and used a collapsible sleeve bearing to avoid scoring. Thanks for your reply. 

On Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 7:53 PM comstock_friend <jfriend314@...> wrote:
N Jen, No, don't tighten up your expanders! You can damage the bearings by over-tightening these. Make up a barrel wrench like shown here (mine is a 2" x 2" hardwood handle 3 feet long with another 4" of the same material bolted to one end, drilled for what ever you are going to clamp on).

In the case of old South Bends, grab the tail end of the spindle. 


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