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John Losch

To all,

I meant to include “Houdini’s” advice in my suggestion below.  Main thing: don’t use the headstock gears as a “lock” of the spindle, and rocking or repeated leverage, rather than shock will usually release a stuck chuck.


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Bill, and all,

Bill’s advice has worked for me on the two or three occasions where I encountered a “chuck problem.”  This includes my antique 14” 1912 Whitcome-Blaisdell lathe with a Horton 3-jaw chuck supposedly dating back to the civil war.  Don’t make unreasonable demands of a precision headstock to remove a stubborn chuck.  Plot before you plunge!

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find a chunk of hex stock, big allen wrench would work, clamp it in the jaws of the chuck, and use a wrench to break it loose. May want to use a deadblow hammer, or big rubber mallet to whack the wrench.

Use tension on the belts to hold the spindle from turning, would be my advise.


Bill in OKC

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Hello everyone, I was making some improvements to the Harbor Freight drill pump and was going to change over to my 4 jaw chuck. Normally I would engage the back gear spindle insert my chuck key into it's socket and the chuck would come loose.Well not this time, I even put a piece of 3/4" round stock in the jaws for a little more leverage but no luck, wouldn't budge. My machine is a SB 9A with 48" bed. Anyone out there ever have a problem like this, any suggestions? I have a strap wrench but I'm not sure if I will gain any more leverage. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Steve K

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