Re: Southbend 9" lathe table in CONCRETE?

Roger Bickers

Steven, you better brace it every foot to ensure straightness. I'd definitely use a type of bond breaker as well. And be sure to tap the hell out of the edges to help eliminate bug holes on the outside edges after filling the form full and slightly high. Remember,  concrete shrinks as it sets up. By the time you by a mag float, an edger, and a trowel, not to mention the form materials, rebar, and your concrete mix, your be ahead of the game using an old metal teachers desk found on craigslist and have storage to boot. Roger

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I was not thinking of using raw MDF.  I was thinking of using Melamine Board (see  It has a thin plastic lamination on the MDF.  The plastic laminate is placed in contact this the cement.  I still believe it would be limited to a single use as a concrete form, but its $30.48 per 4x8 sheet.  I hate the cheap furniture made with the stuff.  It can also be waxed heavily to facilitate the release of the form from the concrete casting while imparting a smooth surface to the casted part.  I have not tried this, yet, but I have read about it. 




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MDF for any type of concrete form... roflmmfao and smfh . Seriously..nothing could be worse to use as a form cept for cardboard boxes. Roger

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About moving a heavy bench.  I have built two very heavy benches and on both have braced the legs with strong horizontal members just high enough to fit a pallet jack underneath.  These can also hold a low shelf.  When you want to move it, just push the pallet jack under it, jack it up, and pull it where you want. This also works if you want to lift it with a fork lift!  I have a 12 foot bench with an old 9 foot panel saw on it  that I move with two pallet jacks.


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