Re: Southbend 9" lathe table in CONCRETE?


I would say just try it. If it don’t work you learn and try something else. Would be the first time I wasted $25 or $50 trying something. Let us know how it works out for you. We can all learn then. 

Al Knack

On Dec 30, 2019, at 5:57 PM, Dale Scroggins <scrof@...> wrote:

Guenther, I want to reduce or eliminate chatter.  I realize that other factors contribute to chatter, but if I can eliminate one cause at low cost, why not do so?  Material costs about $25.

I live in a region that has big humidity swings and have no air conditioning in my shop.  Metal things bolted to wood tend to loosen.  My lathe is currently through-bolted to a 3/4 plywood bench top.  That's how it was mounted when I got it.  When it starts moaning in a cut, the first thing I check are the leg bolts.  They often have loosened up.  Doubling up on the plywood or using a solid core door would likely make the bolt loosening problem worse.  I know that keeping the wood sealed would help, but that's a lot of work.  That's one reason I went to cement board siding on our house a few years ago.

I like the wheels on this lathe bench.  I can keep them, I think, if the lathe is isolated from twisting as the bench is moved around.  I can do that with one bag of concrete mix.  

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