Re: Southbend 9" lathe table in CONCRETE?


Another design for concrete lathe support stand



On 12/30/2019 06:15 PM, Nick Jonkman wrote:

Here is the stand I built for my 9A. It is of 2" square tubing with some 
angle supporting the tool box.It has 5 legs, 4 around the tool box and 
one at the tail stock end. I suppose it probably about 50 pounds and the 
box probably adds about 100 pounds. I have a nut welded in the bottom of 
each leg wit a 1/2" bolt in them so adjust the legs so they all touch 
the floor. the plate at the top and the small piece under the tail stock 
are 1/4" thick, The tray plate and back are 1/8". I have no issue with 
chatter.  The weight of the tool box probably dampens it. I love it. I 
first built it for a 6" Atlas which I sold and then adapted it for my 
SB. It worked out fine but I don't have as much space left of the head 
stock now. Nick

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