Re: Southbend 9" lathe table in CONCRETE?

Bill in OKC too

It's his toy, he can play with it how he wants! It is a fact that the US Government had at one time plans for a concrete stand for SB lathes to help them preform like larger & more expensive lathes in small shops for the production of munitions used to fight WWII. I've been looking for a copy of those plans for years, and I've only had my SB heavy 10L for about a year. There is at least one Atlas lathe on a similar stand, and it supposedly helps improve stiffness, and accuracy. If he decides to do it, I'd like to know how it works out. Might try it myself, one of these days. If I do it first, I'll certainly tell people how it worked out. Do wish I could find the photo I saw several more years ago of what was supposed to be one of these War Production Board concrete lathe stands. It would be a cheap way to approach the accuracy of a Monarch 10EE without the expense of buying one. I'd spent 45 years or so trying to find a South Bend. Always in the wrong place, or flat broke, when they popped up, until October a year ago.

Bill in OKC

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It's a lathe not a grinder get real, your over thinking

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